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Klangwerk Radio Show – EP107 – Raffaele Aurioso

Raffaele Aurioso


Klangwerk Radio Show – EP107 – Raffaele Aurioso

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Hello amigos ,
Tonight we bring you some italian fresh tech house sound, our guest will be

Raffaele Aurioso ( Facebook BeatportSpotify )


Raffaele Aurioso, class 92 ‘, born in Naples where he began to get passionate about everything that speaks of music.

In the early years, conditioned by a strong HOUSE music current , he approaches the sounds and vocal of the detroit style.
It is precisely these that will mark it in tastes and styles.
It grows in its Naples where it begins with its first parties.

And it is from these beginnings that his first experiments start …
He tries to merge his two passions: techno and house …
And from there, that begins its new path of growth starting from the first after, up to the official ones.

Shortly afterwards we will see him disembark in Ibiza where he is still young and with a great desire to grow trying to enter the right environments.
And from there they start their first private after on the island …
Although his young age, he shares the console of several important parties.

In 2015, he was invited to perform at the famous Ibiza party, ENTER brought to Campania where he joined the famous DJ HITO.
In the years to come, raffaele, supports in the console artists of various caliber such as: ERICK MORILLO (subliminal), YAYA (desolat), TANIA VULCANO (circoloco), RICHY AHMED (hotcreation), NATHAN BARATO (music on) etc …

In constant evolution, raffaele loves always discovering new sounds.
Fame and humility characterize it, in fact makes these its bases to grow and push more and more.

Born in a young party, where he makes the first experiences of both life and music.
He came to the console for passion, since he was a child he follows DJs all over the world so much to follow them in the various parties.
Today, grown up and with strong ambitions he is dedicated to a new project where he tries to find space in this reality.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaffaeleAurioso/

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/raffaele-aurioso

Beatport : https://www.beatport.com/artist/raffaele-aurioso/709947

Booking&Management: Aprearosario081@gmail.com

PersonalEmail: raffaele.aurioso@icloud.com





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